Compliance Questionnaire

Find A Substitute - Compliance Questionnaire - supporting small consultancies to operate safely and compliantly within the Government regulations and particularly the IR35 requirements

Operating within the rules and delivering your work as a consultant will require ongoing effort and can often seem daunting when you only have yourself or a small team to rely on. According to the 2017 Business Statistics by the House of Lords, nearly 4.3m businesses in the UK have no employees, which makes up 75% of the 5.7m total UK businesses in operation. This means self-reliance is a must and time is a precious resource when trying to keep a micro company operating and profitable.

At FindaSubstitute we are here to support your company in negotiating the requirements of running such a company and staying within the rules of the HMRC as far as we can. Our questionnaire is designed around the HMRC guidelines for IR35 compliance as well as some of our own questions to help you along the way. We will provide you with a RAG status as to your level of compliance based on your responses and will advise as to how you can look to improve your compliance too. Our aim is to provide useful and easy to digest, information to support you and your company.

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