Aerospace & Defence

The UK aerospace sector had a turnover of £31 billion in 2016. It employs 95,000 people,


The UK automotive sector is central to the UK economy and a key part of our industrial

Business Services

Business services is a diverse industry, broadly serving companies in five sectors:

Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Investment in infrastructure by the UK government was estimated around £18.9 billion in


The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the UK’s top manufacturing exporters.


Currently there are 32,113 schools in the UK employing around 498,100 teachers in

Engineering & Construction

Construction of buildings e.g. commercial, residential. Civil engineering e.g. roads,

Facilities Management

The Facilities management (FM) industry is responsible for as much as 8% of the UK’s

Financial Services

Financial services industry in the UK : In 2017, the financial services sector


Did you know that the NHS is the worlds 5th largest emoloyer with around 1.7m employed


Despite the decline since the 1970s, when manufacturing contributed 25% of UK GDP, the UK

Media & Entertainment

The UK’s multi-billion entertainment and media industry is set to grow in the coming

Oil & Gas

In 2014, when investment levels in the UK Continental Shelf were at record levels, the

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

The UK remains a global hub for life science. There are now 5,649 life sciences

Power & Utilities

The energy system is critical to the UK economy. It supplies electricity and gas to the

Retail & Consumer

The retail industry is vital to the UK economy - in 2017 it generated £395billion worth


The UK’s digital technology sector continues to accelerate faster than the rest of the


The UK is one of the largest telecommunication markets in entire Europe. With a lot of

Transport & Logistics

Transport and logistics is one of the world’s biggest industries. The sector is made up