Currently there are 32,113 schools in the UK employing around 498,100 teachers in state-funded schools in England in 2017 (including classroom teachers, headteachers, and deputy and assistant heads)

In 2000 UK education spending was less than £42.7 billion, and education spending was increasing steadily, year on year, reaching £91.5 billion in 2011. Since then the education budget has remained steady at about £85 billion per year.

In terms of Gross Domestic Product UK education spending was 4.4 percent of GDP in 2000, and steadily increased as a percent of GDP till the peak year of 2010 when education spending was 5.8 percent of GDP. Since the Recession, education spending has been in steady decline, descending to 4.4 percent GDP in 2017.
For the fiscal year ending in March 2019: UK education spending is budgeted to be £87.7 billion which is 11% of the total UK public spending.