Engineering & Construction

Construction of buildings e.g. commercial, residential. Civil engineering e.g. roads, tunnels, bridges, utilities. Specialised construction activities e.g. electrical and plumbing installation, In total, it is estimated that in 2016, the wider UK construction sector had a turnover of £370 billion; Contributed approximately £138 billion to the UK economy - 9 per cent of UK value added. Was comprised of 374,000 businesses; and Covered some 2.2 million jobs. 

There were additionally, nearly 900,000 self- employed jobs in construction contracting, which gives a total of 3.1m workers for wider construction or 9% of the total UK workforce.

This sector has some impressive statistics in recent years.
1.5 million jobs 315,000 Businesses £97.7bn GVA £257.4 billion turnover
351,000 Jobs 38,300 Businesses £20.8 billion GVA £60.9 billion turnover
315,000 Jobs 20,700 Businesses £19.7 billion GVA £51.2 billion turnover