Facilities Management

The Facilities management (FM) industry is responsible for as much as 8% of the UK’s gross domestic product (GDP), and the sector employs up to 10% of the country’s workforce. The UK market was regarded as the ‘most mature and competitive in Europe’, with most estimates putting its value in 2017 as high as £120bn. This is expected to rise to an estimated £139bn by 2021.

This increase in value is attributed to the number of ‘total FM deals’ where providers are integrated into their clients’ operating teams. Facilities management is the total management of all services and built environment infrastructure that support the core business of an organisation. Good facilities management makes a huge difference to the efficiency and productivity of a company, its staff and even its clients.

Facilities Management is integral in workspace strategy as well as supporting business continuity and when delivered well can drive employee engagement as well as helping attract and retain the best talent.

FM professionals are found in all sectors of industry, commerce and services and may be employed by consultants, facilities management providers, client departments, the public sector.