The UK is one of the largest telecommunication markets in entire Europe. With a lot of global brands in UK, the market penetration is extremely high in the entire UK. The mobile and broadband penetration in UK is much ahead of the European average, with some of the biggest telecom companies having a stronghold in UK.

One in every 20 people (1.5 million) working in the UK is employed in IT & Telecoms. Of these individuals, 913,000 (59%) work in the IT & Telecoms industry itself (i.e. IT & Telecoms professionals and those in supporting roles such as HR, admin, finance etc.) whilst a further 633,000 (41%) work as IT or Telecoms professionals in other industries (the IT department of a retail chain or bank for example). There are over 144,000 workplaces in the UK’s IT & Telecoms industry - 87% of which are IT and 13% Telecoms.

The UK Government has an ambition for the whole country to have the best superfast broadband network in the EU by 2020.
According to OFCOM the UK telecommunications market is worth £37.5 billion.